How to detail a bike


Iím going to take you step by step of how to make your bike as clean as it was when it was in the crate.


Step 1. plug the holes.


Remove the seat and put a bag over the air cleaner. Just Slide the seat back on. Donít bolt it yet.



Plug the exhaust




Step 2. donít get the hose out just yet.

With the bike dry, spray full strength simple green over the entire bike. Starting from the top (let gravity help you save some money)

work your way down the bike making sure you cover every inch.




Iíve found Costco has the best price on simple green (when they have it) at about $8.00 a gallon.

You can expect to use about 20 oz per wash. Thatís about 5 washes at $1.6o per wash.




Once the bike is completely covered with simple green, let it set for a few minuets to saturate the dirt and oils.




Step 3. now you can get the hose out. Spray every nook & cranny on the bike. All the dirt stains should spray right off.

All of the steel fittings and aluminum should be sparkling.




at this point the bike appears to be clean. I take it a few more steps. 








Step 4. Time to hand wash the bike With a soft brush and a small stiff brush (you can purchase at home depot) and any liquid dishwashing soap.







Starting from the top of the bike with the soft brush wipe every square inch of the bike. (Yes including under the fenders)

Use the small stiff brush around the engine; sprockets, hubs, etc. keep the stiff brush away from the plastic.




Once the bike is thoroughly hand brushed, hose it off again





Step 5. Time to dress it up. I use armor all. The positives to using armor all are:  most mud wonít stick to the bike; therefore it keeps the bike lighter during motoís.

Also with that coating it puts film between the mud and your bike making it lot easier to wash. It allows the simple green to get under the dirt/grease so it can rinse right off.                                               




The negatives are: itís slick, You donít want it on your grips/seat. Dust will cling to the bike. Also if you have loose graphics/decals the armor-all will get under them and

release the adhesive. So use your judgment before you use it.



Again Iíve found Costco to have the best price. About $8.00 for a double pack (two 28 oz bottles) you can expect to use a little more than half a bottle per wash.

Thatís about 4 washes at $2.00 per wash.


Make sure the bike it still wet from the last rinse. If not spray the bike once more with the hose. Remove the seat and put it somewhere far away from where you will be

spraying the armor-all. Now start from the top of the bike avoiding the grips. Spray the entire bike (yes including under the fenders). You will notice as you spray the armor-all

on the wet bike the water on the bike will roll off carrying the armor-all into every crack and crevice. Let the bike sit and drain for at least 15minuets.




step 6. final detailing. At this point I wheel the bike into the garage. I use a air nozzle with an air compressor.

Use the nozzle to remove the excess water over the entire bike, Especially in the areas that hold water.




I use a terrycloth-covered sponge (you can purchase at an auto parts store) to wipe the bike down with. Do not wet the sponge, the excess armor-all will do that for you.

The idea here is to even out the armor-all not wipe it off. You want to leave a film over the entire bike.





remove the bag from the air filter. Re-install the seat. (yes you can put the bolts in now)



remove the plug from the exhaust.



lube the chain to prevent rust.






race ready


the envy of all your buddies.



Compliments of Tad Davis

Thanks for the tips "Team Davis"