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Matthew Davis


We would like to welcome a new racer to the team.


Matt is #1
Matt was looking very cool today. HE is predicting that he will be number one also...
Matthew Davis loves working in the shop
Matt has always been my best buddy in the garage. He loves to work on cars and hammer.
matt gets into the racing spirit
Matt gets into the spirit of racing.
Grandpa's big helper
Grandpa and Matt spent many hours bonding in the garage. You really had to watch him to keep him out of harms way.
Matt helping work on the trailer
Matt loves to help out dad. He will get mad if he cant be involved...
Matt sitting in a tire
Matt was always getting into something in the garage....

Matt will try to fix anything

Even as a baby, Matt would copy us and get to work.. He could work without taking bathroom breaks.. ha ha..

Matt loved to squeeze in and be a part of what you are doing. He is so much fun...

Looks like Stevie is ready for his turn at this sweet race car.
More to come...