Motocross Is The Life For Me


I have a bike that is so fine.

With soft caresses I make it shine.


We have practiced hard all week.

Times we were slow and times we peaked.


Laying foundation for the test.

Hoping on race day I will do my best.


This bike does break each time I crash.

Each part is like gold, taking all my cash.


We love the time we spend together

In the garage or on the track, we seem like best friends forever.


I count on you, you count on me.

Together is where we want to be.


Race day has finally come.

I sit on the start line hoping I won’t do something dumb.


Out front is the only place to be.

As I am obsessed with winning as you will see.


Sometimes I wonder if this obsession is right.

But I know how it feels cuddling with my trophy at night.


This start is a little tricky to manage.

But, I make it through without any damage.


Leading the pack gives me a feel like no other.

Happy, scared and my heart beating like thunder.


Try to focus on the track.

This is hard with 10 guys on your back.


I am flying through the air just like a bird.

I wonder if my laughter can be heard.


Roosting through the berms like a rollercoaster ride.

I take a look back at the dirt flying with great pride.


Leading the race starts to play with my mind.

The pressure you feel is really not kind.


I tell myself, “it’s just me & the track, race your race”.

This should be enough to earn me first place.


I thought the pressure was tough and now comes the white flag.

Can I keep up this pace, and can I maneuver each obstacle without a snag?


I can see the checkered flag; what a beautiful sight.

I think I love you as much as my bike.


Fear has left my mind.

As I cross the finish line.


Maybe it is time for a clicker.

As my ego couldn’t be much bigger.


Oh boy do I love to race.

Even though, dirt is all over my face.


Playing in the mud was never so much fun.

Especially, when you are number one.


I carry my trophy back to the truck with pride.

My happiness I surely cannot hide.


Wow did that feel good.

Just how I thought it would.


Steve Davis

copyright 2004