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Steve Davis


Nancy took this shot on a Sunday ride. Don't I look proud? It must have been taken before I hit the track (too clean)

Speedworld tends to be really muddy after rain. We like to pass so we get extra mud. Sometimes mud in your teeth.. ha ha.

What a ramp, Speedworld has many mammoth jumps. Feels good unless you fall short.

I am riding Tads bike here (you can tell by the blue Yamaha sticker) Tad and I worked for hours to swap my suspension on his bike for the race.

After winning the first moto, Keri came to congratulate me.. I came in second place the next moto. I haven' t hugged her again.

Nice air. Nice angle. We rented the track at Thrasher for the day... Nice.

A decent Start for me. I took home the gold. 124 and 22 gave me a hard time, but that's half the fun.

The finish line jump at Thrasher. Nice form, and I really like the shadow. Good Job Nancy. get yours here:

N-Action Photo's

Tad and I love riding together. We trust each other even when we really shouldn't. This corner is always a mess.

Ok, this is my favorite shot. This 80 foot jump at Speedworld. There is no way to explain the feeling, or the courage needed the first 5 times...

Now when you are going to charge in on another rider in the whoops section, try to give yourself more room than this. Tad gets a little sideways and we both go down.

I like to bring this bird in face down. Believe me that I would not try this without my improved suspension.  Try this :

This is a lousy start at Speedworld. I won this race. Let me give you a little secret; start out front, its much easier.  Here I found a line no one else wanted.

This is my favorite workout. There is no coasting and balance transfers to motocross.. Buy one here:


The Giraffe is quite impressive. I have been riding for over 20 years. When riding around the neighborhood, I can see down in peoples cars driving by and in the neighbors back yards..

Moto-grande a jumpers paradise. It took 5 laps to get the courage to jump this canyon. It was a great feeling and a great track. 

This is a triple jump at Moto-Grande. The first time I over jumped it so far, my knee came out of place. This was about my fifth time. Once you get your timing down this track is fun.

Here is a race at Canyon. I was racing with 2 broken ribs. I won this day. But I still don't look happy. Jenny looks herself.

Here is our Pit setup at Canyon Raceway. We hadn't ridden because the bikes are too clean. This day was rain and mud.

ET is a fun track. The only track we have ridden on with a bridge to jump over and ride under. Really cool.

Canyon Raceway
 The team strategizes on our
"shake-and-bake" win at Canyon raceway
Canyon raceway
Getting a little sideways at Canyon Raceway
back straight Wide open down the back straight away at Canyon
Leading the Pack
maverick racing 
Last minute advice from my sponsor -
Maverick Racing
Steve's first main event win
Steve's first speech at the podium..  it went like this " I am simply the best... I wake up in the morning and piss excellence.. " The announcer thinks that is funny?
Steve's first main event win
Isn't that a beautiful sight.... I think I will kiss the screen!
My new car before it ever hit the track... yum baby 
Steve's first main event win
This was a good shot of my winning day.. If you look close enough you should see me smiling...
Steve's first main event win
Thanks to lots of practice and much help, this car is a winner. I think she got spanked after this one.
Steves first main win
My second Main event win at Manzy
steves first win
My 3rd Main event win at manzy
The last week Manzanita was open.
steves first win
My 4th Main event win at Canyon Speedway. It was 3 weeks before I retired. This was a nice gift on the way out.
At retirement, we ended with 28 heat race wins. We won 2 trophy dashes and 2 semi Mains
That was a lot of ass we kicked
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I was so proud to hear my daughter sing the National Anthem at Manzy. I cant tell you how many times that she gave me goose bumps and tears. I love you Brittany and I love you America...

Having fans can be a great feeling. I will keep my banner forever.

These fans went way out..
I remember racing on the track and noticing them waving those light savers and yelling at me while I was full throttle.
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Flipping a race car is a wild experience.
I had bruises all over and much like a rollercoaster ride, just 400 times more violent and mentally more challenging.
Repairing the car was not so bad.