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Team Davis Racing

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Torey Davis Jr.

34 Chevy Sedan Dwarf Race Car.

Here Torey is on the track waiting to race..

Its nice that others can BS with you before the race.

When you are a rookie, you get to start in the back. this means you will need to pass everyone.

Here is the view for the fans. Pretty cool  (Manzanita Speedway)

Here is Torey starting in the back, if you look close you will see Nancy taking pictures in the Danger zone

Here is Torey's car after he flipped it. I think his motor needs a roll cage. after a week of repair he was back.

Here is how they get your car off the track when it is totaled. They are not gentle, but they are good.

This view is blurry to you and I but it was clear to Torey.

After rolling around on the track, someone needed a Band-Aid.

Torey saying hi to the fans..

At TeamDavisRacing there is plenty of time for goofing off in the pits.

Here is the sweetest, prettiest best mom in the entire world.


Torey's first night at Canyon Raceway. He did great, and the car looks great also


Torey is going as fast as the car will go and then he loops it in the corner..

Does Torey want a cookie???

How about a hamburger?

Torey will ride the scariest of rides... look out, that is a low ledge.

Torey gets very angry when he hasn't eaten.

At Lego Land, we saw a statue built in Torey's honor. See the picture before this one for a resemblance.

What a valiant knight.

On the beach he can be very aggressive.

This was a very fun ride.. Steve and Torey will ride anything.

I think Torey was a little sick here. We had never ridden a ride like this one. His brains were a little scrambled. (more than usual)

Heather and Ali were in the cart alone with this animal. This has got to be the funniest picture I have seen in along time. (click on the picture to enlarge it.

Something you should know about Torey, He is a Dare Devil - He is saying here "Bring it"

Tex, can have a good time anywhere. Even on a train ride to the Canyon.